How to crush your business goals and find time for the family moments that matter
(Without waking at 4am or working till midnight)

Did you know?

The job of being a mother is the equivalent of 2.5 average jobs, moms work for an average of 98 hours a week, 14 hour work days, 7 days a week. Oh, and here’s the kicker… for zero pay.

As for our ‘coworkers’ aka our cherubic children, we have to wipe their butts, listen to endless stories about Minecraft and keep up with the constant demand of food to their preference of the day.

All whilst trying to answer emails and attend our customers needs.

Maybe you’re out of the toddler fog and realized that you need more than baby babble and dirty diapers and yes, you’d like to be paid for your hard work. 

You could survive without your income - but your work is your sanity saver. 

Mentally you need to be doing something you’ve really wanted to do for a long time... and enjoy it!


Maybe you love being a mom but you also love being your own boss, but it’s starting to seriously test your sanity that you’re interrupted every few minutes of the day when your kids are at home.  

Then it’s a double guilt-trip as you didn't work and you didn’t “parent”


Maybe you're just so tired of the endless cycle of deciding what’s for dinner, laundry and picking up after everyone else. By the end of the day you haven’t got the brain power left to focus on what your business needs.

Great information on things to help run my family and business...

The Wonder Moms Success Club helped me built a proper website so I will not have to redo things in the future. Not only that but it gives me great information on things to help run my family and business that may have taken me twice as long or longer to figure out on my own. 

Time is precious especially as a mom with a business so not wasting it running in circles and trying to figure things out on my own is invaluable. Also having the community when I need it is like the head start I definitely need.

Kaliah Nishiyama

Sakura Milk Jewelry

If any of this resonates, it’s time to do something different before you run out of time with your kids

Before you know it,  they’ll be off to university in the blink of an eye, or setting off on their own adventures around the world.  Quite simply, these times are precious and can’t be replaced.

Before I tell you more, let’s take a step back and talk about the real problem, because yes, there is a problem…

The teeny tiny amount of support that did exist for us moms has well and truly dropped off a cliff over the last few years

Family are rarely living on the doorstep these days, (or too busy with their own lives) to help out
That almost nothing has changed regarding division of labour in the home
The assumption that just because you’re working from home, you have time to attend to their every whim.
Unpredictability! It is exhausting always having to switch from one role or mode to another, which moms are expected to do.

But we still have the same 24 hours in a day, have the same cooking, cleaning and laundry duties plus everything else on top.

Does the maths add up for you?

So something needs to change...
like yesterday 

Mom being happy is important to the family dynamic, you want your kids growing up in a happy home.

The continuous exhaustion of feeling like you have a constant to-do list running through your head with business and family and home things and that you’re failing to accomplish it in your goal timeline. And you know tomorrow will be exactly the same.

If you don’t get this balance right you are likely to lose your sanity and will have to live with the regrets.

I'm learning so much and having fun.

The Wonder Mom Success Club has really helped me to achieve more because I can now set goals that are realistic before I would always over-schedule and end up not achieving anything.
I also love the tribe, I'm one of those people who need a supportive group to ask questions to and get feedback from. And I really enjoy the monthly themes and masterclasses, I'm learning so much and having fun.

Jordana Matsuda

Heron Kids Tokyo

There are a lot of guru’s spouting advice out there…

The Not A Mom Productivity Coach:

The one who tells you to get a baby-sitter, and to get up at 5am and start working on your business until kids are up… all day long until midnight. Clearly never dealt with sleepless nights, kids that wake up at 4.57am every day and most definitely never tried to hire a baby-sitter where you live.

The Hustle-Hustle Bro Entrepreneur:

Wears hustle and burnout as a badge of honour, brags about “baby-sitting” his own kids for 2 hours whilst his wife takes a break (going to do the grocery shopping) Totally clueless when it comes to running a business as a parent.

The Millionaire Life Is Chill Flaunter:

Always had money in the bank and conveniently forgets to share that hired help is how she gets everything done. Doesn’t know how the dishwasher works and the nanny knows more about her kids than she does herself.

It's amazing how much I could get done...

I decided to join the Wonder Mom Success Club because I love working with you Jo.  I love the members portal very much and I also liked the challenges such as the PDF challenge, it's amazing how much I could get done! Plus, I just can not get enough of Wonder Mom Tool Kit.

And thank you for the support through the community! I made friends, enjoy your company and love the vibe!


That’s where I come in…

The Montessori child whisperer, the productivity nerd, the creative out-of-the-box thinker and slayer of mom guilt.

I’m Jo, I’m a Mom, I’m a Business Owner, and * I * GET * IT *

I’m also a Brit in Japan carving out my own path, and doing things my own way. Not being forced to wear uncomfortable business suits or having a soul sucking commute everyday. Instead I built my business on my own terms. Work the hours I want to work and when, so that I can spend quality time with my family and have time for my own passions too.

I know what it‘s like to move abroad and don't know anyone in the area, to have no family support or even easily available babysitters.

Now as a best-selling author, Montessori teacher and blogger since 2007 I get to help other moms create the life they love too.

My clients have started their own business from scratch, written books, taken on international moves, in a pandemic with a young family and held down a job all at the same time. 

They have created more loving homes, better family connections and turned around marriages headed for divorce.

And they have freed up time so that they can work on their passion project, take up a new hobby, finally be able to join the gym or take their business to the next level.

Imagine if magic wands really did exist and with a quick flick of the wrist...

THIS IS YOU: Waking up feeling refreshed knowing that your day ahead is going to be organized, fun and stress free.

THIS IS YOU: Spending good quality time with your family, soaking up all those precious moments, catching all those ‘firsts’ and creating happy memories that will last a lifetime.

THIS IS YOU: Having the time and headspace to work on your business, doing the thing you love, without feeling mom guilt

THIS IS YOU: Designing your day to fit with your needs, working the hours that you want and having the downtime that you need.

THIS IS YOU: Not being able to remember the last time you had to nag the kids to tidy up, having more cuddles on the sofa, more silly giggle parties, time to sit and read together, play together.

I know what you’re wondering, Jo - Sounds great, but how on earth do I make this happen?

Let me introduce the magic wand to finally help you have it all in work and life, guilt-free (and still eat and sleep)

The Wonder Mom Success Club 

A high-vibe, supportive monthly membership for moms juggling work and life without the guilt 

In the Wonder Mom Success Club you will uncover the secrets to having it all without doing it all with my...

Wonder Mom Game Plan

This is my simple 4 pillar framework that has helped hundreds
of women like you to shift away from the juggle and create
the life and business you want.

Wonder Moms is meant for someone who has a deep yearning to live life on their own terms, to say to hell with being ‘just a mom’.

She knows she is destined for more, more free time, more quality time with the family, more fun time and more time to work on her own thing.

Why this is so powerful (and your magic wand solution…)

The Wonder Mom Game Plan supports you through the 4 key pillars that make all the difference when it come having a life that flows with ease.

#Pillar 1 Amazing Me - The biggest mistake most women make is putting others first and themselves last, but the only way to truly have it all in home and business is to focus first on you. 

That’s why in this pillar you'll dare to dream and get crystal clear on your aspirational vision and goals for work and life so that you’re energised and motivated.  You’ll understand how to shift the daily stress into a more intentional approach that unlocks ease and flow.

#Pillar 2 Happy Home - Here you’ll discover powerful approaches inspired by Montessori that support your kids to be more independent, helping you to achieve more whilst doing less.  

You’ll learn simple quick-wins to clearing the clutter and chaos in the home through a new daily rhythm and mindset that gets the whole family involved (and having more fun when they do).

#Pillar 3 Rock Star Mom - Learn how to connect with your child on a deeper level to better understand the world through their eyes and what specific learning approaches will support them to grow.  

You’ll know how to create pinterest-worthy activities tailored to their developmental stage in a way that also celebrates their uniqueness.  Then watch them thrive whilst staying happily occupied for hours so you can get stuff done  

#Pillar 4 Goal Getter - Tap into your new secret weapon - the 90 day Goal Getter Game Plan that helps you structure your time in a flexible, mom-friendly way.  

In this pillar you’ll learn how to amp up your productivity by focusing on the core revenue-generating activities that make the biggest difference to your income and impact (and still leave space for those can’t-wait mom moments). 

I have found a lot of success with using The Wonder Mom Success Club...

I often wonder how I manage to juggle so many things from day to day. I sat and thought about it on my lunch break today so I thought I’d share.
I have found a lot of success with using The Wonder Mom Success Club with Jo Ebisujima her system really works well for my personality. I think visually when I work... so does she... perfect match. Go check out her program.

Heather Dettmann

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By Heather Dettmann

Here’s What's Included 
Inside of the Wonder Mom Success Club Membership:

The 4 Part Game Plan - Game Changing Action Steps in 10 minutes or Less
Each step of each pillar has a short, punchy, game-changing video where you’ll access actionable advice to implement right away. 

By following the game plan you will create more free time and reduce stress, creating a home environment that you love.

Exclusive Expert Masterclasses
We have a guest expert interview library on topics such as business money mindset, positive parenting using music, creating your perfect home office space, empowering kids through kindness and much more. Almost all our experts are moms and in the trenches, they share their expertise plus their pearls of wisdom on managing mom life and business.

Daily Hit List Check-ins 
We don't use a to-do list in Wonder Moms, we use the far more powerful and achievable Hit List. Each day in the group (Mon-Fri) we have a check-in. You tell us what you plan to do and I check to see that you did it!

Implementation Workshop
Once a month we have an online workshop where we work through a project requested by members. Creating social media posts, setting up a template etc. We work together and get the job done. 

Wonder Mom Support Group
A Facebook community with support, accountability check-ins, help and feedback so that you don’t have to be alone with your kids 7 days a week... with no real adult contact.

A group of people who are supportive and constructive...

The Wonder Mom Success Club has given me a credible business idea, I'm going to launch soon, and that's become possible through what I've learnt in the WMSC.  I've hugely benefited from the Tribe and testing my ideas with the group of people who are supportive and constructive. I've got better at planning, by breaking jobs into small, baby steps. Jo's voice echoing around my head "Break it into baby steps"

Abbie Fulbrook

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(yes, there is more!)

Boredom Busters - Keep your kids entertained in just 3 minutes flat.

Your child will pick from one of 25 short 3 minute videos of my own son Ebi-Kun who shares open ended activities that can be done alone or with friends/siblings from aged 3 and up.  Lots of ways to have fun and stretch their imagination using whatever you have on hand.

You’ll have no more guilt of sticking your kids in front of a screen for hours on end instead they will be creating, making and using their brains.

The Wonder Mom Tool Kit

Quick and easy hacks, tips and tricks that you can implement and start using straight away to free up pockets of time throughout your day.

Snapshot Graph

Overwhelm is real and often moms get stuck on where to start because of all-of-the-things. The Snapshot Graph is designed to show you where you are out of kilter right now and where you should start to make the biggest impact on where you personally are right now.

Meal Planning System

Meal planning doesn’t work when you try to mold your family's needs into someone else's system. They don’t take into account family food restrictions, different family lunch requirements and the family requests of “anything is fine” (when you know for sure it’s not)!

That’s why this meal planning system works. You choose a set-up that fits not only your family but your personality, making meal planning easy and deleting the mental torture of  “What The  F is for dinner tonight?” sentence from your vocabulary.

TONS of positive continuous support...

For some time I have been playing with the idea of starting a business online but I feel unprepared and lost, I had no idea from where to start. Wonder Mom Success Club came right on time and I was sure it would be my start point. I am extremely happy with my decision.
What Jo does so well is helping with clarity, breaking things into tiny steps and TONS of positive continuous support.


Tiny Hearts Happy Hearts

Imagine this...

You wake up in the morning, not to a sink full of dirty dishes and kids screaming for breakfast but to a clean kitchen and the kids fixing their own breakfast.

As you sip your coffee you can check your emails, distraction and guilt free. The kids are busying themselves with activities that are both fun and educational and screen free.

You decide to take the afternoon off so you can enjoy the good weather with the kids and because you know exactly what’s for dinner and how much time you need to complete your current project, you can do this without worry.

After you tuck the kids into bed with extra hugs, cuddles and giggles you head to the living room to spend some downtime with your partner. Catch up on your latest Netflix binge and enjoy a nice glass of your favourite drink.

Just a quick recap of what you get...

The Wonder Mom Game Plan

Focusing on each area of your mom-life so that you can ditch the idea of balance, and instead embrace flow, create more time in your day and have happy, helping kids! By accessing the Wonder Mom Game Plan you will be saving 500 hours of figuring this out by yourself.
I've condensed my 15 years of Montessori experience along with the hours and hours working alongside clients into digestible, results focused resources.

VALUE: $1999

Exclusive Expert Masterclasses Library

Experts sourced on the needs and the requests of the Wonder Mom members. You get full access to the exclusive masterclass library and an action pack workbook breaking the getting started steps into easy, doable steps, ensuring that you can implement, no matter how busy you are.
Hand-picked experts who are not only brilliant in their field but also moms that understand and relate to the Wonder Mom audience.

VALUE: $1999

Daily Accountability Check-ins

Daily accountability (Monday - Friday) to make sure you are implementing and focusing on the important stuff. With the Hit List you will soon see a huge difference in your productivity.

VALUE: $299

Wonder Mom Support Group

A facebook community with support, accountability check-ins, help and feedback.
You really can't slap a price on community and support.

VALUE: priceless

Boredom Busters

3 minutes of screen time followed by no screen fun. Encourage your kids to make, create, think, problem solve and learn new skills whilst they are playing.
Taking my 10 years of teaching & curriculum development plus my 15 years of Montessori experience, know that these activities have been tried and tested over the years and are designed to help your kids think creatively.

VALUE: $499

The Wonder Mom Tool Kit

Quick hacks and problem solving solutions to create pockets of time in your day and tackle nagging issues in a new way.
This is where my years of productivity research, training, practice and execution are expertly packaged into implementably, bite-sized chunks. 

VALUE: $499

Snapshot Graph

Where you are on your mom journey changes from day to day. The snapshot graph will help you zone into the biggest pain problem and guide you to ways to resolve it.
As an accredited Productivity and Happiness coach I designed this training to help you pin-point where to start to make the biggest impact.

VALUE: $499

Wonder Mom Meal Planning System

Unlike the usual fill-in-the-boxes systems that are destined to fail because they don’t take into account your families needs, this system allows you to create the perfect meal plan to fit you and your family.
Taking all the decisions and noise out of your head, freeing up space for more important things.

VALUE: Priceless


I wanted to get things done...

I signed for the Wonder Mom Success Club because I wanted to get things done. I wanted somewhere that would help me decide where to focus my energy on, somewhere to ask for advice and help, and somewhere that I could be held accountable. Definitely don`t regret it.

Jo listens to our opinions, advice, and then tailors the contents to that. It`s not often you get a course that asks what you want to learn and then finds a way to teach it to you. That is invaluable.

Marama Carmichael

Giggles English

The only membership for multi-passionate moms that gives you everything to create an organized, happy family, home and life.

Join Now
Only US $37 a Month

I would do everything to achieve it...

Before working with Jo I was overwhelmed and without a clear path. Now I'm more organized. I know it is better to take a few minutes everyday and plan the day, as well as looking at the small picture, and then the big picture.

Looking at little achievements helps to reassure myself when I'm feeling overwhelmed.
The biggest change for me was accountability. If I wrote I would do something for a certain day, even if I was not feeling at my best or had some last minute thing, I would do everything to achieve it. If it is not written or written for other to see, it is easier to postpone it.


How Is This Different To Everything Else Out There?

Other productivity programs

Made to measure blueprints that don’t take into consideration the uniqueness of each and every family situation.

Bonuses that are just fluff and filler and extra noise that does not fit with your needs nor help your current situation.

General productivity hacks and ideas that were created for the world of manufacturing with no flexibility or consideration of the changing needs of a growing family.

Wonder Mom Success Club

Flexible systems that give you the freedom to create a game plan that fits your family, on your terms

Bonuses created specifically for the Wonder Moms to solve problems that are at the forefront of moms mind.

Uses proven productivity systems that have been adapted to moms needs. Take into consideration the mental overload and lack of time that moms suffer from.

Are you the action taker who is willing to put in a small amount of work to reap the huge rewards? 

You are?
Most people are not.

Wonder Moms is meant for someone who has a deep yearning to live life on their own terms, to say to hell with being ‘just a mom’.

She knows she is destined for more, more free time, more quality time with the family, more fun time and more time to work on her own thing.

It’s meant for someone who loves her family fiercely and would do anything for them but also knows that her sanity and self worth is also worth fighting for.

It’s meant for someone who knows that sacrificing some time now will pay off dividends in the future, someone who is ready to roll up her sleeves and dive right in, in the knowledge that it will help her create the life that she dreams of.

For someone who is prepared to question everything that doesn’t work and be prepared to make changes so that it does. 

If you are a consumer, not willing to take action then this is not for you, you may as well go and waste a few more hours watching cat videos.

Access to the whole of the Wonder Moms Membership Portal as soon as you register.

Access to the Wonder Mom Game Plan - a flexible system to get your home, kids and yourself on track and moving forward
Daily (Mon-Fri) accountability check-ins
Monthly workshops to get those annoying to-do lists tasks done and with support as and when you need it.
Access to the vault of Exclusive Guest Expert Masterclass interviews that come with cheat sheets, checklists, plans, action steps and execution guides.
Boredom Busters - open ended activity ideas for your kids so that they can be kept busy when you need the time to work
The Wonder Mom Tool Kit - quick and easy productivity hacks that you can slip into your day to create more time
The Snapshot Graph - beat the overwhelm by easily identifying the quick wins and quick fixes to get back on track.
The Wonder Mom Meal Planning System - Adjustable to your family and their needs, taking the stress of what’s for dinner, off your plate!
Exclusive Access to the Wonder Mom Support Group - So that you are kept accountable and where you can get support and feedback from fellow moms

Wonder Mom Success Club Monthly

+ Wonder Mom Game Plan
+ Daily (Mon-Fri) accountability check-ins
+ Monthly workshops
+ Exclusive Masterclasses
+ Boredom Busters
+ The Wonder Mom Tool Kit
+ The Snapshot Graph
+ Meal Planning System
+ Wonder Mom Support Group

Wonder Mom Success Club Annual

+ Wonder Mom Game Plan
+ Daily (Mon-Fri) accountability check-ins
+ Monthly workshops
+ Exclusive Masterclasses
+ Boredom Busters
+ The Wonder Mom Tool Kit
+ The Snapshot Graph
+ Meal Planning System
+ Wonder Mom Support Group
+ Two months free!

By joining The Wonder Mom Success Club and/or SPARK Mastermind you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.


Do I get access to everything as soon as I join?


As soon as you join The Wonder Mom Success you can access everything inside. 

Will this work for me?

Yes! If you put in the work, I might be good but not that good that you do nothing and everything changes! But if you follow the Game Plan, make the adjustments you need for your family, then yes, this will work for you.

What if I don’t have enough time?

You see the irony right? Look, you need more hours in the day and the only way that will happen is if you start making some changes. But if you don’t make those changes, things will stay exactly as they are, or even get worse.

How do I know if Wonder Moms is a fit for me?

Try it on for size, it’s a monthly subscription, give it a couple of months, implement the Game Plan and if it really doesn’t work for you (first get in touch so we can figure out what is going on) but you are of course, free to leave if you like. 

How do I pay?

You can pay with your credit card or through Paypal. Whatever’s more convenient.

The Wonder Mom Success Club is a monthly subscription, you will be billed on the same day each month. Just like Netflix.

Does it matter that I’m in _____(fill in the country where you live)

Not at all, everything is self paced so you can pop in and out as you like, fit it into your schedule. 

How do I convince my partner to let me get this subscription?

Talk to them. Explain that you need some extra help and for the price of a weekly Starbucks (or equivalent) you can get that help and support and by doing that you’ll be creating a happier home life. Which is what everyone wants right?

Can I quit at any time?

Yes. When you cancel your monthly subscription (billed on the same day each month), you will have access to the Wonder Mom Success Club portal until the end of the subscription cycle. Also, you’ll be removed from the support group.
Just like with Netflix, you continue to have access as long as you are a paying member in good standing.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, I have a 7-day, no questions asked refund policy if you decide the Wonder Mom Success Club isn't for you. This policy applies to both monthly and annual subscriptions.

Do I need a business to join?

No, if you are still in the pondering stages, that's fine. It’s actually a good idea to get your systems set up at home and with the kids first so that it’s easier when you start your business.

Do I have to be a mom?

Nope! Don't worry, we don't spend our days talking about the cure for nappy rash and the like, it is mainly the practicalities of getting it all done around the kids (dogs/cats/husband...) so although you can still use much of the content in a child free home, there is a focus on helping moms and kids.

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We process your personal data as stated in our Privacy Policy. By joining the Wonder Mom Success Club you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.


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