Whoo-Hoo – You are ready to work on YOU!

This is the best news ever! As a mom, you have wifey duties, kiddie duties and housey duties and mom gets shoved to the bottom of the pile.

Do you know what I know? The moms that are happy and successful (in whichever way you wish to interpret that) are the ones that put their needs first, that are looking after themselves AND they know what kind of life they want and how to get it, even if it is one baby step at a time.

I HIGHLY recommend that you work through Amazing Me first. When you have completed that (and found the surprise bonuses shhh I said too much) you can then move onto Rock Star Mom and Happy Homemaker.

Pat Flynn resource page

Pinch of Yum

Here are a few pages worth looking at:

My favourite is Amy Portafield’s because she offers it as an opt-in, and segments it depending on the level of business you are at, check it out here:
Amy Porterfield’s resource page

Pat Flynn’s is more of a 101 page
Pat Flynn resource page

Pinch of Yum is like mine, basically a list!
Pinch of Yum Resource page

Remember, once you have this setup, you need to drive traffic to it as much as possible!