What Is The Wonder Mom Success Club?

The Wonder Mom Success Club (WMSC) is a monthly membership for moms who are drowning in the chaos of every day life and know that they need to make a change.

I help moms to work their way through the success path, working on their goals, their mindset and what they want their life to look like, their kids and the bonds and connections that they yearn for and the home because I know the home is often the biggest cause of stress.

I do this using a rather unconventional but brilliant combination of Montessori (for the kids wrangling) and Kaizen (baby steps improvement).

I have worked with hundreds of moms over the years and know without a doubt that when mom is happy and fulfilled the home and family is a much kinder, calmer and happier place too.

How Does This Affiliate Thing Work?

There is some techie magic involved but don’t worry, it’s pretty straight forward.

Once you sign up (use the button below) you will be assigned an affiliate ID. It’s basically a small string of characters that goes on the end of a URL.

You log into the affiliate portal and there you will find a set of links to share, there are several ‘freebies’ that you can share with people, which is easy to do as there is no selling involved!

You can share on social media, in blog posts, in an email – anywhere you can share a link really as long as it’s not breaking any group rules or being spammy.

When somebody clicks on your link and they sign up for the freebie, the system uses some magic and adds a cookie to that user. Then if that user goes onto buy, you get the credit for that sale! Kachiing.
You’ll be paid through Paypal.

Because the program is a monthly membership, you get 40% of the sale, every month that the member stays a member. When I get paid, so do you, but I’m the one doing the work! It’s the easiest way to make money ever.

There is a bit more info on the inside and when we head into launch (which happens 3x a year) I will email you with all the dates and launch assets. Between launches, simply share the freebies!

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