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5 reasons you owe it to yourself to do this...

  • You want to create a side hustle or second, third or forth income stream so that you know your family is financially secure so that you don't have to worry about unexpected bills, a change in circumstances or relying 100% on the day job.
  • You dream of having extra money coming in 24/7 so that you can treat yourself to all those little luxuries that are on the 'maybe someday' list.
  • You're dying to take those ideas in your brain, lying around gathering dust, and put them to work so that you can make money from them.
  • You want to take the knowledge from one of your passions and turn it into a cash generating machine so that you can share your passion further and wider.
  • You wish you could nail the process others implement so that you can monetise your passions and knowledge stored up in that amazing brain.

Some of the things past PiiG users have to say about it...

Who Am I? And Why Should You Care?

I'm Jo Ebisujima AKA jojoebi.

I have a bit of a reputation… They say, I’m the one that gets sh*t done.

I also believe that it's dangerous to have all your financial eggs in one basket and that having multiple income streams is the smart and savvy way forward. Passive income isn't truly passive but once the product is made it can run on auto pilot.

I love waking up to a stream of kachiiing notifications on my phone - it beats green smoothies for breakfast, hands down!

And with my love of all thing kaizen and productivity related, passive income streams fit beautifully with my business model (and passions that I have monetised like Montessori and Sewing make great passive side hustles).