How To Survive The Coming Weeks

Even if your kids school is on lockdown
and you have to work from home &
the shops are all out of gin!

It is strange times that brings you here.
I know being thrown into the deep end with homeschooling AND working from home is super stressful so I recorded a webinar to help you get through this.

Below are some extra resources and a video from my son to your kids (You’ll love what he has to say about housework ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  • Decide what you plan is going to be regarding the time off school for your kids.
  • Have a family meeting and set a schedule together
  • Set the boundaries and rules for school work and your work
  • Have fun – these are strange times but it doesn’t mean we can’t kick back and have some fun too. This is a great opportunity to bond and make great memories.

More resources…
This blog post is an old post about our homeschooling journey but I have updated it, it includes lots of links for educational sites and that kind of thing. CLICK HERE

The Wonder Mom Success Club – this is my membership for moms who are building a business around their family.

A place for support, help and reassurance.