The quickest way to build and grow a business around your busy mom schedule, while being an amazing mom first.

STOP! Before you hit that X button because you’re overwhelmed as it is, and you simply can’t fit something new into your already over-crowded schedule, or because the money is tight, let me reassure you, this is NOT just another time-consuming program.


After the Great Tohoku Triple disaster, the Fukushima meltdown specifically, my little Etsy shop sales dried up, quite literally, overnight.

3/11 was MY wake-up call. It was the force that drove me to change direction, grow my business and become the homeschooling multi-passionate entrepreneur that I am today.

And now I have the skills to help you do the same.

⭐️  You want more hours in the day

⭐️  You have 10 minutes to get the task done, you want to know how to do it and implement right now.

⭐️  You're not impatient,  just time starved and on a mission to build your business around your families needs.

Is this you? Then you're in the right place.

What's Inside The Wonder Mom Success Club?

(the super short, plain English, what's in the box version...)

  • The Mom Stuff

    Help to get your mom duties under control. Cleaning, cooking, feeding, entertaining the kids done in a way so your families needs are being met and you look and feel like a super-mom.

  • The Biz Stuff

    Expert masterclasses, tech training, walk-throughs and bite-sized hacks so that you can easily watch and implement the things you need for your business around your mom jobs.

  • System Stuff

    Time saving systems both for the home and for your business so that you can get things done quickly and efficiently freeing up time to spend wit the family and having fun

What You Get

Full access to the library as soon as you sign up and new content added each month. You get full access for as long as you are a member. Self paced, pick and choose what you need, when you need it.



Don't rush into a business before checking it can make money.

Know exactly who you want to serve and sell to so that you can reach your ideal audience.

Decide on which platform is perfect for you, tutorials on how to set up your site.

Simple planning systems to take you through the whole quarter so you are never scrambling for new content to publish.

Make sure your site is optimized so that it is easily found through searches by your ideal client.

Create beautifully branded PDFs and ebooks plus templates so that each time you need something new, just add the copy and images!

Grow your audience following this easy step-by step guide.

Learn how to drive traffic from the worlds biggest visual search engine, back to your site, for free!

The money is in the list, from setting up an opt-in form to writing your first campaign.

Stand out from the crowd wth strong branding and how to use it across the board, website to social media.

Step by step instructions on how to set up your funnel, email templates included.

Write in your own voice so that attract your kind of people and wow them into buying with your persuasive words.

Plus a community of moms that are in the trenches with you. Building their business with kids, partners and pets underfoot. They can relate to your struggles, are fantastic to mastermind with and go all out with support and cheerleading you on.
A tribe that 'gets it'.

Meet some of the Wonder Moms...

I get it... we just met, you're not sure if I'm the real deal!
I won't be offended! So, just try it out for 7 bucks for the first month.
When you get to know me and my awesomeness you'll be happy to stay.
After the first month you will be billed $37/month

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What Would Your Life Look Like If...

Imagine if...You were on top of things. All the time. Both business-related stuff, lessons, goals, to-do lists, and the mom stuff. Your kids get all the attention they need, being more independent every week, the house tidy and clean, and your husband admires you, while he also wonders: "How can she possibly do it all!" 


Imagine if... Every week you smashed your biz goals. What would that look like after a month, a year, five years? Imagine how much further along you would be in your business, the progress you would make, and all the fantastic knock-on effects that would come with your success.


Imagine if... You had more free time and more money? You could delegate or outsource the jobs you don't like, leaving you more time to work on the tasks you love. And that means more joy in your everyday life!

Are you fooling yourself to think you can have it all?

No and No. 

Once more, just In case, 

NO, You're Not Fooling Yourself. 

You Can Have It All.

With the help of THE WONDER MOM SUCCESS CLUB, created to support busy moms have a happy, healthy family, and a  successful business.

You can absolutely ROCK at:

What else can you get for $7?
Nothing anywhere near the amount of value you'll find here!
Try it. $7 the first month, then $37 your second month onwards...

But HOW, I hear you roar,
how can I stuff anything more in my schedule
when there is simply not enough time?

With a little magic from Kaizen method, you can absolutely have everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

What the heck is Kaizen method?


It's the method that lets you break down

your goals and things you need to learn

into bite-sized, baby steps so you can

get more done and fit your business or

side hustle around your family duties.

I Know You're A Busy Mom And That Life Is Messy!

Which Is Why The Wonder Mom Success Club Is...

It’s a mighty Tribe of ferocious like minded moms

On your own, you may be a hot mess. But with the help of the fellow moms, with various skill sets,  knowledge and experiences - you’re unstoppable! Moms love helping other moms, because we all go through the same shiz, and we all know how tough it can get. 

It’s a valuable Vault, packed with training and workshops

Each section is broken into tiny, bite-sized training and steps, so you can fit them around folding laundry, feeding the kids and nap time.

Most of the video trainings and tutorials are 15 minutes or shorter. The exception being the Masterclass lessons with experts, where you’ll need a cuppa and a pen and paper to soak in all the goodness.


Think of the Vault as a library. 

The content doesn’t need to be consumed in order. Instead, you can pick and choose based on your needs. If you are just starting out or struggling to get clients/customers, there’s the Business Foundations section to help you out.

BONUS! You also get access to the Wonder Mom Success Path

Which will give you the right tools:

To set up activities for the kids, so that they stay focused for longer, learn more and stay occupied whilst you get your work done. Learning from a best selling, Montessori teacher.


Discover ways to streamline your day, become more efficient, freeing up more precious time. (This does NOT involve getting out of bed earlier!)


To get your family on board and working with you, creating a better home atmosphere and taking the pressure and stress off you.

You will have the peace of mind knowing that you are getting it RIGHT as a mom, a partner, a friend and a business owner!

$7 is all you need for your first month of awesomeness
After that it's only $37/month, what's not to love?

The thing is,



  • You don't need to buy a new course on each specific business-related topic out there.
  • You don't need to lose days on YouTube trying to find just the right tutorial.
  • You don't need to choose between taking the best care of your kids and getting some work done.
  • And you don't need to give up your beauty sleep, just to get a little closer to achieving YOUR OWN GOALS.

$7 for the first month
$37 from the second month
But only for fast action takers - because they are the kinds of people I love working with!

I want you to try The Wonder Mom Success Club at my risk because I know it works but you don't...yet!

If you are not 100% satisfied, and I mean even 1% unhappy, I want you to immediately return it, I mean, I don’t want your money.
I value our relationship and my reputation more that a few bucks. So please, try The Wonder Mom Success Club for 14 days (even though you get everything on sign up, I am giving you 14 days to be completely sure and utterly satisfied) I won’t take anything less!
So go ahead, buy now-you have plenty of time to go through everything and decide if this is a fit for you. But you will never know unless you take a chance and invest in yourself.

What The Members Say...

Who is the person behind the WONDER MOM SUCCESS CLUB,
and why should you listen to her?

Hi! I'm Jo Ebisujima

I help busy mamas get their shiz together so they can have the time to work on their business and still be a rock star mom and partner!

I know what it's like to have no support, no babysitter, not enough money and nothing more than a vague idea of what to do because that was me ten years ago.

Since then, I have set up my own business, had a best selling book, launched a highly successful Montessori Crash Course, been featured in The HuffPo, FEA, The Japan Times to name a few, got signed up as a monthly contributor to a national magazine and contributed to several books.

Oh! and I am one of a just a handful of Asana Certified Pros.

Did I have a magic wand or a rich uncle to help me get started?


It was all me.

So yes, I really do know what it takes and that "hiring a babysitter" isn't the answer to all your problems! My kid is a teenager now, but when I first started my online journey in 2005. I had no help. 

I know exactly what it's like to nurse a sick child with deadlines looming and to write blog posts while cooking dinner.

But none of that matters right now. What matters is that I know just how monotonous and unchallenging life can be when you’re not pursuing your dreams  (not to mention how much you’d love the extra cash) and how passionate you are about making your own thing "the real thing."

Which is why I created THE WONDER MOM SUCCESS CLUB.

So that you need not go through this entrepreneurial journey alone.

And so that whether you need an ideal customer avatar, to set up your WordPress site, write copy, or to create a beautifully branded PDF, you can tap into my knowledge bank, and save yourself hours of wasted time and frustration.

$7 for the first month
$37 from the second month
But only for fast action takers - because they are the kinds of people I love working with!

In a nutshell, when you join THE WONDERMOM SUCCESS CLUB,
this is what you get to use at your convenience,
your own pace and in bite-sized chunks,
so you can fit everything around your busy mom schedule. 

  • Masterclass lessons from amazing experts  who not only help you in their field of expertise but give you a peep into how they run their biz mom life;


  • The Vault packed with video training, workbooks, and action steps, right at your fingertips, and exactly when you need them.


  • Montessori training and fun activities to help your kids become independent, calm, confident, and considerate (while helping you create more space for your own thing).


  • Powerful tribe of wonder moms, such as you, so you can help and support each other and grow your fab businesses together.


And all of that for only $37 a month! 


What have you got to lose? If you don’t like the WONDER MOM SUCCESS CLUB… Well, I’d hate to see you leave, but you CAN, at any given moment. 

No hard feelings.

Before working with Jo I was overwhelmed and without a clear path. Now I'm more organized. I know it is better to take a few minutes everyday and plan the day, as well as looking at the small picture, and then the big picture.

Looking at little achievements helps to reassure myself when I'm feeling overwhelmed.
The biggest change for me was accountability. If I wrote I would do something for a certain day, even if I was not feeling at my best or had some last minute thing, I would do everything to achieve it. If it is not written or written for other to see, it is easier to postpone it.



Do I get access to everything as soon as I join? +


As soon as you join The Wonder Mom Success you can access everything inside. 

How do I pay? +

You can pay with your credit card or through Paypal. Whatever’s more convenient.

The Wonder Mom Success Club is a subscription, you will be billed on the same day each month (or year if you choose annual membership). And if you decide to leave, at any time, you will not be billed the next month.

Can I quit at any time? +

Yes. When you cancel your monthly subscription (billed on the same day each month), you will have access to the Wonder Mom Success Club portal until the end of the subscription cycle. Also, you’ll be removed from the support group. Just like with Netflix, you continue to have access as long as you are a paying member in good standing.

Can I pay annually? +

Yes, you certainly can. And if you do, you get 2 months free!

Do you have a refund policy? +

Yes, I have a 14-day, no questions asked refund policy if you decide the Wonder Mom Success Club isn't for you. This policy applies to both monthly and annual subscription. 

Do I need a business to join? +

No, if you are still in the pondering stages, that's fine. We have resources to help you get started and find the right business idea for you.

What if, what I need is not inside? +

If there is something specific you need help with, you can put in a request. If it is something outside my skill set, I have a vast network of amazing people to tap into.

Do I have to be a mom? +

Nope! We have members who don't have kids, as long as you are cool with the mom support then that is fine. Don't worry, we don't spend our days talking about the cure for nappy rash and the such like, it is mainly the practicalities of getting it all done around the kids (dogs/cats/husband...)

The Wonder Mom Success Club
is perfect for you if you’re ready for:

More YOU. Step into the person you want to be. Challenge yourself to do those things that you are passionate about while helping your kids grow into the best version of themselves too. Stop putting it off, and be YOU again.


More FLEXIBILITY. More FLEXIBILITY. Build a life that fits around your family, allowing you to take time off when you need to and run a business you love.


More MONEY. So that you can buy the things you love and release financial stress. Holidays, experiences, good food, savings for the future, massages, and self-care…


More TIME. So that you can enjoy your family, friends and have time for you! The quality time which allows you to connect with your loved ones at a deeper level and have time to create those family experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.


More INDEPENDENCE. Which has a knock on effect of giving you more confidence and self-esteem. But not just for you, your kids will see that strong, amazing mama and will carry that with them.


So, are you ready to finally be fulfilled,
accomplished, and proud rockstar mom
and a business owner AKA the real you?

There is no long term commitment, you can leave at any time.

By joining The Wonder Mom Success Club
you are agreeing to the Terms And Conditions


*please note that the Wonder Mom Success Club was re-named,
it was originally the Kaizen Revolution (KR)

The Wonder Mom Success Club Supports Under Privileged Women Through Kiva

“Work on Purpose -
Play on Purpose -
Rest on Purpose -

Do not let yourself or anyone else waste your time.”
― Izey Victoria Odiase