Set achievable, smashable goals
in just 10 minutes
using the Kaizen 3 step method
so that you can get more done
& design the life that you want

Why wait for the New Year to come around, or the new month, or the new week to set your goals? 

There is NO reason why you can’t start today.

Put fear of failure aside because with the Kaizen 3 Step method you will be able to start now.

In 10 minutes time you will have your goal and a clear path to reach it.

It is time to grab life by the seat of the pants and make the magic happen. Dream boards, crystals, and affirmations are welcome but not necessary. This easy to follow roadmap is backed by science.


I have a bit of a reputation… They say, I’m the one that gets sh*t done.

I decided to write a book, within 6 months, it was written, edited and hitting Amazons #1 spot for its category across all of Amazon’s marketplaces.

When I was stuck in a dead end bar job, I decided I wanted to work abroad instead. Within 6 weeks I had flown to Japan and was earning 5x the amount I was getting paid behind the bar.

After the Great Tohoku earthquake I decided our family needed a second income that was location independent just in case we had to up and leave. Within the year I had a new business, website and ecourse all based on the internet so I can work from anywhere.

I've also helped hundreds of other women like you and me get their shiz together.

In every case I used the kaizen 3 Step Method to get me the results I wanted.

5 reasons you owe it to yourself to do this...

  • Not having clear goals leads to procrastination and time wasting so that yet again you don’t hit your target and you feel dumb and useless.
  • Having a clear, defined goal means that you have a clear and defined path to reach it.
  • Using the Kaizen 3 step method means that you chose a goal that’s achievable, setting yourself up for success, not failure.
  • Taking 10 minutes to fill out the included worksheet means that you’ll know exactly what to do and when, which will make it easy to smash your goal.
  • Continually missing your goals means that you are not reaching your potential, both personally and financially, so that you are constantly feeling like a failure.


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