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To fit with your families needs during lockdown

FREE Workshop For Moms Juggling
Through Lockdown


If you are trying school the kids, get your work done, keep the house in some sort of order and stay sane as we are going through these crazy time, you are not alone.


I have talked to so many moms over the last few weeks struggling with the same issues so I decided to put together an action plan that you can EASILY implement into your day.


So that... at the end of the day you feel like you have accomplished something.

So that... mama guilt is given the boot and the kids are actually learning something

So that... you are getting your work done and the house doesn't look like  a war zone.

These are scary times and we can't control what is happening out there, but we CAN control what is happening inside... with a bit of Shero know-how...

We will cover:

  • 1

    How to create a schedule that fits YOUR family which is both flexible and efficient so that everyone has their needs met, including you.

  • 2

    What are none-negotiables that must be included so that everything runs smoothly and everything that needs to be done, gets done.

  • 3

    What to do if it's not working so that you can fix the problems quickly and easily.

And because I know you are strapped for time,
we will bang it out in about 30 minutes


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Will You Rule The Day...
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