Transformational Marketing with Sherilyn Colby

Mindset is a HUGE part of running your own business. Time and time again we hear those that have ‘made it’ say that it wasn’t until there was a shift in their mindset that things started to move in the right direction.

Jennifer is going to share her tips, tricks and hacks to help you become more boldly confident so that you can take your business to the next level.

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Bold Confidence Implementation Challenge

You will find this in the TRIBE too! Head to the UNITS to share your insights and let us know how you have done!

Day 1 – Keep Promises To Yourself


So often, one of the biggest reasons why we lack confidence is because we keep breaking promises to ourselves. We say, I’ll get that done tomorrow; and then tomorrow comes and goes, and that project is still not done.
We set goals and ‘hope’ that they happen instead of going 100% all-in on them.
If you want to gain outrageous confidence one of the first things you can do is to start keeping promises to yourself.  Start small and get your muscle-flexing in this category.

Your Challenge Today


Write out ONE thing that you’ve been putting off that you know will help you progress that you can do TODAY. It could be a phone call, it could be doing a Facebook live, it doesn’t matter what it is, just do it!
DO NOT choose something really hard. Just something that you know will make you feel better once you have it done and will make you feel more confident.
Tell the TRIBE about it!

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Day 2 – Raise Your Standards


Now that you are feeling more confident, it’s time to look at your standards. Often times we are not confident because our standards for our own dreams are low. We may have high standards for ourselves with respect to pleasing others, but we must raise our standards for ourselves.


Putting yourself last or saying, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ or putting off your dreams for another year means your standards for yourself are LOW.
This creates low confidence.
It’s time to decide that you are capable of more and challenge yourself to rise up to your own standards.
When you’re growing a business you’ve got to have an Olympic level mindset.
What kind of standards do Olympic athletes have for themselves?
Really, really high ones! If you want big results in your business, your standards need to go there.


Your Challenge Today


Write out 3 standards for yourself that you will uphold for yourself. You likely know what they need to be, but if not, here are some examples.
Standard examples… 

  • I will go to bed on time, even if that means not watching Netflix, so that I can wake up early and get 2 hours of work done before everyone else gets up.
  • I will meal plan each week so that I can maintain high mental clarity and physical health.
  • I will blog every week and always be at least two weeks in advance of content.
  • I will do a Facebook live every Friday @ 10 am
  • I will hire that VA for 5 hours/week or month to start so I can leverage more of time.
  • I will allocate 30 minutes/day to reading/learning to better myself.

Tell the group your 3 new standards.

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Day 3 – Deeply Know Your Why


It’s hard to maintain standards and create new habits without something driving you. That’s why your desire for change HAS to be higher than your desire for complacency.
Most entrepreneurs are stuck not because they aren’t capable of achieving what they want, it’s because they have become complacent with what is and accept it. Even if they say they want to change, the truth is, they are comfortable being uncomfortable and that’s why they stay stuck.
Human beings usually only create change for two main reasons:

  1. They are deeply inspired
  2. They are deeply in pain and want to change

This is why so many people don’t change their diet or lifestyle until they have a dis-ease in their body. Or entrepreneurs don’t really go ‘all in’ on making a radical change because things are chugging along and not ’that bad’.
But dream businesses are not built on things being ’not that bad’.

Your Challenge Today 


Write out your why…

  • What do you want?
  • Why do you want it?
  • How will it change you?
  • Who do you want to be in the world?
  • Why does that matter to you?
  • How will it change you when you are being this person?
  • How will it change your family?
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Day 4 – Who Are You Being? 


When you have raised your standards, gotten clear on what you want and why and how your life will be different because of it, it’s time to look at who you are being.
The reason this matters is that you want to be able to identify what behaviours look like when you are being the person who has high standards for themselves and/or when you are being complacent with them.
Remember, having high standards for yourself and your actions isn’t always the easier route.
Sometimes the easier route is to just put things off, stay up late or make an excuse. But ultimately not living up to your own standards will leave you feeling less confident because you know you are capable of better. After all, you are an infinite being who creates her own reality.
You are powerful and amazing. So, acting like that is what is natural to you.

Your Challenge Today


List out how you behave when you are not living up to the standards you set for yourself.

  • What do you put off?
  • What kind of results do you get at that level?

Then, list out how you behave when you live up to your own standards?
Now, compare the two and when you are going throughout your days, come back to this list.
When you are on the fence about what you should do, ask yourself, who do I want to be today?
Look at the list, the behaviours and the outcomes. Which outcome do you want more today?

Post today about what life looks like when you are ‘being’ who you know you want to be everyday.

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Day 5 – Celebrate YOUR awesomeness


The truth is that you are likely doing better than you are giving yourself credit for. Did you know that women are known to downplay their achievements?
The problem with this is that when you downplay your achievements you don’t allow yourself to feel, in the cells of your being, who you are becoming. When you let yourself recognize and FEEL your achievements and progress you feel more confident.


Your Challenge Today


List out all your achievements in your business. You can use these questions as prompts.  Once you’ve done it do these two things:

  1. List them in the TRIBE and then be sure to celebrate at least two other people in their achievements.
  2. Put on your favourite motivational song, read this list and dance it out… let your confidence rise!

Let yourself realize how amazing you really are. Let yourself SEE that you really are amazing at what you do and what you are capable of so much! The more you tap into THAT feeling every day, the more confidence you’ll exude and do more confident behaviours!

• Who have you helped (free or paid)?
• What results have you helped them get?
• What have you learned?
• What relationships have you built?
• What business you have already brought in?
• What obstacles you have overcome?
• What new skills have you learned (think tech, coaching, people, etc.)?
• What new behaviours and choices have you made to grow your business?
• What healthy boundaries have you set (and with whom)?
• What books have you read to help you?
• What courses/programs have you taken?
• What coaches have you hired?
• What masterminds have you been or are a part of?
• What new trust have you developed?
• What new risks have you taken?
• What are you most proud of with respect to your entrepreneurial journey so far?

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