Being visible with video

Elaine Park

Elaine Park is passionate at helping women show up online, on video to help them reach more clients and sell more!



DAY #1


If you would rather poke yourself in the eye, rather than get on video the first thing to get over is the mindset.

So a bit of journaling to get you started. Grab a pen and write it out...

What is the worst thing that could possibly happen if you posted a video....

Use the workbook and journal out your worst situations

DAY #2


In the workbook make a list of 30 quick tips and ideas that can help your clients. Be specific. Something you can talk about in less than a minute! here are some ideas, if you get stuck, ask in the group...

  • Favourite app (I love Canva because...)
  • Productivity hack (Did you know you can create images in 4 dimensions for social media with this Canva trick?)
  • Parenting tip (Get your kids to sleep quicker by doing this...)
  • A book you love (Destination Author is a great book if you are thinking of writing a book because...)
  • A tool that you use (Masking tape is not only pretty, look at these 5 great ways to use it....)

DAY #3


Having a couple of go-to spots in your home will mean that at any time you can pick up your phone, shoot and go. Have a play around in different places. Having a window nearby for natural lighting is great and nothing too distracting in the background.

Also, try different times of day as the light changes, you might find one spot works brilliantly in the morning but is too dark in the afternoon.

And finally, try and find somewhere that you can film in the evenings or when it is dark, as a just-in-case situation.

DAY #4


Use the script template in the workbook to draft out your script, keep it easy, keep it on point.

Remember for a video under 60 seconds you need to keep it tight and to the point!

DAY #5


Time to bite the bullet. By far the best way to get over the fear is by biting the bullet and just doing it! Go back to your list and pick 7 ideas, start small and do them as stories.

If you want feedback before you post out in the wild, share it in the group. Or if you just want to build up your confidence first, share in the group and then you can go big!

For commitment's sake, pick a time that you will post each day - this is more for you than it is for your audience!

Elaine Park

Hi, I’m Elaine.

I’m married to a Farmer and I love animals, marketing, good food and drink plus smartphone video marketing! …

I love to help Entrepreneurs to start and grow their business, especially through Video and Podcasting, to become visible and create the freedom and lifestyle that they want. 

To grow our audience, we have to put ourselves out there and I specialize in helping you create and optimize content, to get seen across all platforms . 

So many female entrepreneurs are afraid to show up for their dreams even though they know that video will take them to the next level. It's my passion to help women share their voice, stand out and grow their business with video so that they can have the impact they want and have no ceiling on what they can achieve!

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