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Workshops 2023

These are the recording from the monthly workshops. If there are an additional resources, they will be listed under the workshop video. The idea is to work along so that you are actually implementing!


 August 9th 2023

FOCUS - Affiliate Marketing

Workbook mentioned in the video

Airtable - make a copy

Places to find products to promote: Impact, Shareasale, and 
Commission Junction 

Use these on SM or as blog posts with your affiliate links. On SM for the best results, you want your audience to ask you about the thing so you can then DM the link. DON'T just give them the name, they can then just go and Google it, and offer the link to them 😁

My latest favourite tool/app/thing: Show them what it does and why you love it.
Before and After: Give an example of the results you get using the thing
My top 5...Listicle post of your favourite things on a theme, and have at least one as an affiliate
How-To Guide: Show how to do something by using the thing.
Show but don't tell: Use the thing or have it in the shot but don't mention it, curiosity will make people ask, especially if it's something unusual. 

Brock Johnson does it well here, watch the 7 second reel and read the caption.

⚠️ I forgot to mention it in the video, if you are linking on your website to an affiliate product, you need to make the link as NOFOLLOW.

 August 9th 2023

FOCUS - Transitions Back To School

 July 12th 2023

FOCUS - Blogging

Workbook mentioned in the video

Answer The Public

WordPress Headline Analyzer Plugin

CoScheduler Headline Analyzer

Share Through Headline Analyzer

TinyPng to compress images

Magic Blog (not mentioned in the video) This will write your post for you, you can write one 2000 word post for free per month. Might be good to use in a pinch but I stand by writing the bulk of your post yourself.

ChatGPT prompts:
When using chatGPT, make sure you use the same 'chat' for the interactions so that it refers back to what you have already discussed. Start a new chat for a new topic.

"My business is __________ (give as much detail as possible, you will get a better result that way) I want to write a series of blog posts, suggest 12 themes I could write about."

"I'm writing a series of blog posts on the theme of ____________ (add theme), give me 10 post ideas to fit with the theme."

"I'm writing a blog post about __________________ Give me an outline of the post including 3 sub headings"

Once the post is written:
"Give me 10 headlines that include the keyword ______________ for the following blog post (paste in the post)

 June 14th 2023

FOCUS - List Building

Landing Page Check List

Email Sequences Checklist

Where to share your freebie checklist

Plus! Katy recommended if you have a book or PDF book type freebie to giveaway. 

 May 18th 2023

FOCUS - Profile Reviews

 April 20th 2023

FOCUS - Canva Updates

 March 13th 2023

FOCUS - Asana

 Jan 12th 2023


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