4 x Weekly Group Zoom Calls:

💰  Week 1 - Nail Your Offer. Using your talents, skills and passions we come up with an offer that makes sense for YOU.

💰 Week 2 - Validate Your Offer. Don't rush into creating something if you are not sure it's going to work. Do this first.

💰 Week 3 - Create Your Offer. Keep it simple, no need to worry about the tech, we have you covered.

💰 Week 4 - Sell It! Find the best places to sell your offer even if you have no website, no list or no social media following.

This offer is a special bonus for NEW members of the Wonder Mom Success Club. You will get Passive Income Superstars as a bonus to your Wonder Mom Success Club monthly membership

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$37 USD / monthly subscription Wonder Mom Success Club + Passive Income Superstar Bonus
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