Passive Income Generator

I suggest doing this over a couple of days, let the ideas percolate before you go and validate and map them out. I will send you reminder emails to help you implement as you go through the process.

You want to be sure you have the perfect idea before you spend time and energy on creating it.

The Passive Income Idea Generator is part of the foundation training in the Wonder Moms Success Club, consider this a sneaky peep behind the curtain!

The videos will auto check off as you watch, the others you need to do manually!

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     27:26     Passive Income Generator (PIG)

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If you are struggling to come up with new ideas because you keep getting stuck in the same combos, try using post-it notes.

Write your skills/passions/talents on separate post-its then pick 2 up at random and put them together.

Even get the kids on the act - this will throw up some really obscure combo's but that is often where the gold is!


    21:13     Validate Your Idea

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    45:39     Map It Out

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