Did You Hear That Pinterest Is Great For Driving Traffic To Your Site
But You Don't Get How It Works?

Discover The Secrets To FREE Traffic
From Pinterest In This Bumper Packed Mini-Course

I kept hearing people raving on about how Pinterest was sending them tonnes of traffic for FREE but couldn't figure out how that was happening.


I was a regular pinner, I pinned my own stuff on there too yet I wasn't getting much in the way of traffic.


That was until I started to use Pinterest with my business head screwed on. When I started being strategic, pinning quality pins and after I cleaned up my existing account things started to change.


With a plan and schedule to work to my reach and engagement grew and now I have multiple sign ups to my email list each day and sales coming in from my digital products, and the best thing, no ad spend!


In this course I will share with you everything I did and how you can do the same, Pinterest is a long term game, if you are planning to stay in business then it's game on!


Are you ready to play?

This Might Be A Mini Course But It Is Packed Full Of Information!

Even if you are a total Pinterest newbie this course will walk you through the steps to getting your Pinterest account up and running in no time at all.


If you have been using Pinterest for a while but are not getting any traction, you will learn the mistakes and pitfalls to avoid, how to clean up your account and how to create enticing, engaging pins that will get you more attention.

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive landing page training course.

  • OVERVIEW – AN INTRODUCTION TO PINTEREST - Understand how Pinterest works and how to use it successfully
  • LESSON #1 – SETTING UP YOUR PROFILE FOR SUCCESS - Avoid the mistakes most newbies make
  • LESSON #2 – ICA SPECIFIC BOARDS SO YOU REACH THE RIGHT PEOPLE - Get your pins in front of the right eyeballs
  • LESSON #3 – ANATOMY OF A PIN - Create pins that your fans just can't resist clicking in
  • LESSON #4 – VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT - Make sure you are getting the most out of everything Pinterest offers you as a business owner
  • LESSON #5 – CLEANING UP YOUR ACCOUNT - so that Pinterest sees you as a valuable pinner (and puts your pins in front of more people)
  • LESSON #6 – BOARD COVERS - Why you should or shouldn't use board covers
  • LESSON #7 – PINNING QUALITY PINS - Pinning for success isn't just about pinning your own pins, you need to know how to find and pin other people's quality pins
  • LESSON #8 – THE EASY WAY TO EXPAND YOUR REACH - How can you get your pins in front of even more people?
  • LESSON #9 – ACCEPTING INVITATIONS - Know what to accept and what to avoid
  • LESSON #10 – DAILY PINNING FOR SUCCESS - Get into a daily habit of pinning for success