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Spark mastermind 2023

Are you ready to GRAB 2023 BY THE HORNS?

It's time to get crystal clear on your goals for the year. Have a simple, step-by-step way to achieve them and a support system in place to help when you hit the tough spots.

i'm a creative
ex-pat, entrepreneur mom 

So I know the importance of being in a community of supportive women in a similar boat. It makes a huge difference when you are trying to figure out this whole running a business thing! 

Couple that with juggling mom duties, getting distracted, and constantly putting everyone else first. Getting your own shizzle done is hard!

But not this year, 2023 is where it all changes...

Common reasons ENTREPRENEUR MOMS fail

Following the the "24/7 Hustle Guru"

Sorry, but advocating that women pass up on sleep to hustle harder is not healthy and not what her or her family needs. Winding up with an ulcer from stress and missing out on your kids growing up is NOT a sign of success.

Following the "I Run My Biz In 5 Hours A Month Guru"

Really? The only way this is possible is to delegate all your work out and because delegating work takes time and systems you will need to hire a delegator to delegate the work. Doesn't add up does it?

Following the the "We All Have The Same Hours In A Day Guru"

Clearly not a mom who has no home help and clearly someone who has never built their own business from the ground up whilst juggling homework, housework, kids and a partner. Their advice is worthless if it can't be applied to mom life.

When I joined SPARK in 2022, I wasn't running a business. I was in my Master's year while juggling a family, a part-time job, a myriad of hobbies, and a somewhat questionable social life.
Being an ADHDer, I appreciated the daily check-ins and monthly meetings with Jo. I needed accountability to get me into gear and that was precisely why I decided to join SPARK in the first place. I knew if I only had myself to be accountable to, it would have been a hard slog through the academic year.
The monthly meeting enabled me to check in with my goals (there were a few) and if I was on track. Interactions with other members in the private FB group were also fun and gave me ideas for future business and social media endeavours. Without sugarcoating it, 2022 was a challenging year for me. However, I am happy to report that I met my goals of finishing with a Distinction average, spending more quality time with the family, and lastly, securing a job in a field I am passionate about.
Thank you, Jo, with your boots kicking me in the tuckus and the support of group members. I was able to motivate myself to achieve all my goals for the year.

Nur Brkich

When you join SPARK I will set you up using my proven Kaizen SPARK System

Using a my Kaizen SPARK System that is flexible to whatever niche you are in, we will get you set up and with a clear path to follow. With daily check-ins to make sure you are staying on task and constantly reviewing and tweaking so that you are hitting your milestones. 

All of it broken down into manageable steps that fit with YOUR current situation.

So... how will SPARK Mastermind impact you?

Before you join

You probably have an idea on what your goal is but you struggle to see how to reach it
You feel like you are flying by the seat of your pants and not sure what you are doing each day, let alone the week
You don't feel like you make the best use of your time, either under-estimating how long a task will take or working on the wrong things

After your year with SPARK

You have a clear goal and path of least resistance to get there
You will have created a solid habit of baby-steps planning so that you know as soon as you get up what your tasks are for the day
You will learn how to pull out the tasks that are going to move your business forward quickly and how to manage your time more efficiently

SPARK Mastermind helped me immensely when Covid-19 hit and things were getting cancelled left, right and centre Jo encouraged us to keep moving and keep making progress.

The constant support and daily prompts have helped me to focus on working on my business and growing and improving, rather than just doing the day to day tasks and not making progress.

Despite everything that happened in 2020 I was still able to reach my financial goal a few months early! Jo has really helped me develop the habits and routines that will keep me kicking goals into the future.

Sarah Lineker Kato

Spark Mastermind 2023


You shouldn't have to choose one over the other. You can be a great mom and role model to your kids and run a successful business at the same time.

My proven KAIZEN SPARK system has

This system has been used with moms from all kinds of background, covering all sorts of niches. It's flexible and can be fitted to suit you and your families needs.



The step that most people don't take!

We look back at your previous year and dive into what worked and how to replicate and scale it.
We also look at what didn't work and why so that we can avoid those pitfalls in the future
And we dig into your mom life, how was that affected and what you want to change.



We look at your goals, make sure that they are realistic and achievable. Then we plan out what your year will look like taking into account school holidays, important family days and the such like.

Although we plan for the year, we break everything down into tiny, easy steps so that even on the busiest days you can still be making progress.
We create a system that is personalized to your unique family situation. All families are different which is why I shy away from blueprints, you need something that fits your needs.
We look at the big picture goal and then create a path to get there using small and doable steps. 



All the planning in the world, even when using the fanciest of fancy planners means diddle-squat if you are not implementing the plan. 

Monday to Friday (because I believe we all need downtime at the weekend) I will be there kicking your butt and making sure you are moving forward.
You will learn how to create and implement a Hit-List (we don't do to-do lists, they are for the ill-prepared and overwhelmed)!
When procrastination sucks you in, which it will, it gets all of us at some stage. You'll have a community to pull you out and get you moving forward again.

Spark is for you if...

You are a procrastinator and/or suffer from overwhelm and you need someone to help keep you accountable and on track and moving forward.

Spark is for you if...

You are looking for a group of likeminded women to share ideas, brainstorm, flush out problems and celebrate the wins with.

Spark is for you if...

You want to move forward this year ever with clear goals, and achievable actionable steps to make it happen, no matter what the Universe throws at you.

Fluff Free




I want you to be time efficient, not waste it on fluff filled bonuses or added extras that will rob you of your precious time.

But... I also know that sometimes you need extra help or training. So you will get a years access to the Wonder Mom Success Club portal. Which is full of trainings, workshops and the Wonder Mom Success Path that you can use as and when you need it.

What I loved about Jo's mastermind and what helped me move forward was:
• daily check ins/out
• structured planning
• tailored advice for my specific project
• active group members
I was able to take my idea from out of my head and get it into the real world.

Jordana Matsuda


Monday to Friday we have daily check-ins in the group. Keeping you accountable and forming a habit that you will take with you in the future.

This one habit alone will change everything, how you look and run your business and how you manage your time.


Once a week we have a group mastermind call. Bring anything you are stuck with. Many minds are better than one. It's also a great time to brainstorm ideas, tighten your copy or just celebrate the wins. No matter how big or small. We also have a work-along session where you can hop in declare what you are going to get done, then do it!


Each month we will have a 1:1 call. Where we dig into your progress so far and tweak your path depending on what is happening in your life. Whether it's a worldwide pandemic that forces you to take things in a different direction or you hit on a genius idea that you just have to act on.

Secure Your Seat

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Per month


+ one year access to the Wonder Mom Success Club



One time


+ one year access to the Wonder Mom Success Club

These clients can't be wrong

I have run masterminds for several years now, from 3 month intensives to the year long SPARK mastermind. This is what previous and current masterminders have to say...

The biggest a-ha! for me has been a much clearer understanding of how I use my time.
I have realized that I tend to take on too much, be overly optimistic about how much I can get done in a certain amount of time, and expect too much of "future me" (a dangerous combination!).
Just realizing this has made me more careful about what I say yes to, and I'm getting better at incorporating more wriggle room into my plans and front loading the work where possible.

Sarah Bull

Translation Mavens

Work with Jo in order to get your business off to a great start with a group of like-minded women and an amazing mentor who can give invaluable feedback and help you see things you might not realize on your own.


Before I joined Jo's mastermind I was unsure of where to go with my freelancing.

Whether or not I was going to be able to make it.

Now, I feel a lot more confident that I will be able to get where I need to go - whether it's working for myself or getting the right job that pays well enough.

Kath O'Malley

A lightbulb moment for me was realising that writing down figures and numbers was so useful. I hadn't realised the effect that I could have on my followers/fans/website views with a little work.

And now I've got more of a routine going and have realised the things that are most important to me, and what kind of balance I need in my life to make me happiest.

Di Coke


I can't quite express how much better and more empowered I feel. I have:
a) got things done
b) learned tools to get further things done and - maybe most importantly -
c) learned to live positively with the things that I haven't got done.

I feel like a "can do" person again and it's great.


I learned a lot from what others posted and also just from having a safe forum to share my reflections along the way. Having all these members with different experiences and backgrounds helps tremendously with problem solving and seeing things in a different light.

My biggest change was learning to take things in stride and not try to do everything at once!

Iluska Ikeda

My personal money-back guarantee

100% Risk Free
You deserve to be able to thrive at home and at work without having to choose and that’s why I’m giving you 14 days to jump in and try out SPARK mastermind so that you can start to create the perfect life for you and your family.
If you are not completely blown away with SPARK Mastermind I will happily give you your money back.

Payments are processed through PayPal or credit card. If you choose the monthly installment plan.You will be billed at the current rate on the same day each month for 12 months. This is a one year commitment not a subscription. 

By joining SPARK Accountability Mastermind you are agreeing to the Terms And Conditions

Hi! I'm Jo. 

I help small business moms build their business around their family without giving up sleep or hiring a full time nanny.

I’m a Productivity and happiness Coach for Moms in business who want to put their family first without putting their business last.

I use a unique combo of Montessori (for raising independent, helpful kids) and little-known productivity hacks.

As a Brit in Japan I carved out my own path, and doing things my own way. Not being forced to wear uncomfortable business suits or having a soul sucking commute everyday. Instead I built my business on my own terms. Work the hours I want to work and when, so that I can spend quality time with my family and have time for my own passions too.

I know what it‘s like to move abroad and don't know anyone in the area, to have no family support or even easily available babysitters.

Now as a best-selling author, business owner, Montessori teacher and blogger since 2007 I get to help other moms create the life they love too.


most asked questions

When does the Spark mastermind start?

We kick off February 1st.
We will get you booked in for your first 1:1 ASAP to get your goal setting and planning session set up. Then you are ready to join the mastermind group. Everyone is on their own journey so we take yours as it's own unique path too.

When are the calls?

As the group is usually very international we figure out the best time for the group calls once everyone is signed up.

Daily check-ins are posted in the group each morning.

1:1 calls are flexible and can can be booked in using Jo's scheduler to suit your needs.

I'm based in Japan, all times are (JST) calls will be between 8AM and 8PM Monday to Friday.

We do sometimes move the call times if it suits the groups needs better but not without a consultation with each member first.

Where does it all take place?

I thought long and hard about this and because I am committed to "no fluff" and keeping things simple.

We have a private Facebook group for the daily check-ins.

We use a free app for your goal planning. You 1:1 calls are recorded and the recording will be added to a section in your planning app.

The calls take place over Google Meet.

Can I quit?

To be clear, this is NOT a monthly membership program. This is a 12 month mastermind with an installment plan.
We are looking for members who are ready to step up, do the work and commit not just to the Spark Mastermind but to themselves.
Knowing that you are paying for the support and help will push you into being more committed and determined to make it work. When you decide to join us you are committing to yourself and the rest of the Spark community for a full 12 months.
If that scares you a bit - that is good because you are more likely to stick with it!

If you are still not sure and would like to talk to me about it before signing up, book a free call. I want to be sure this is the right thing for you, it doesn't do either of us any favours if you sign up and it's not what you need.

Why should I pay for a mastermind?

Great question!
Look, I get it. And I have run a lot of masterminds in the past, some free and some paid. I have also been a member of several masterminds, again, some free and some paid.

The difference is that with a free group you still need a leader/co-ordinator, someone to be the glue to hold it together. What tends to happen is that key person gets fed up after a while or has more important commitments and when they stop being the glue, the group falls apart.

With a paid mastermind, the facilitator has made that commitment to be the glue and hold strong for the whole duration.

I am 101% committed to helping you succeed because your success means my success, if you fail, that reflects on me too, so you can bet your bottom dollar I am going to be behind you all the way, right to the finish line.

I'm an introvert, is this the right place for me?

Introverts unite... separately!

It is funny you mention this, as an introvert myself I know it can be hard to join a new group but it's also the reason why I keep the mastermind small. It is much easier for everyone to get their say, share their ideas and ask questions when you are in a small intimate group. So don't worry, you have found your space.

Extroverts? You are welcome too!

Can I stop and start as I please?

This is a 1 year program, unless their are exceptional circumstances (to be agreed on with Jo) the program can not be stopped and started willy-nilly. We understand that life has its ups and downs and sometimes you may need to step back for a while. This is why the Kaizen planning system works so well, because you can take those times into consideration as you plan your time.

What's in the Wonder Mom Success Club?

To start with there is the Wonder Mom Success path which is created to help you set up your home, kids and yourself for success. Each week we tap into one of the steps in the success path so that you can make sure you are on track.
We also have a library of training from guest experts. From SEO to mindset, just hop in and watch what you need at the time.


Before working with Jo I was overwhelmed and without a clear path. Now I'm more organized. I know it is better to take a few minutes everyday and plan the day, as well as looking at the small picture, and then the big picture. Looking at little achievements helps to reassure myself when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

The biggest change for me was accountability. If I wrote I would do something for a certain day, even if I was not feeling at my best or had some last minute thing, I would do everything to achieve it. If it is not written or written for other to see, it is easier to postpone it.


Mom and Lawyer


What did I get out of Spark? Even though I was not the most active of the group participants, I was always pressured (in good ways) to stay on track, and knowing that there are people who are there to share you thoughts and ups and downs was wonderful. So mental support and a sense of belonging were the two keys things for me.

Mitsuyo Morikawa

More Money

I've been making more money this year than I have last year. Even though my university job got cut in the spring semester. So yeah, even without the university job income, just with my business, I was able to make more money. And then I was looking over my online classes and online products and I was like, wow, I didn’t think I made this much with my online stuff. Cool. So that was an unexpected win.


Secure Your Seat



Per month


+ one year access to the Wonder Mom Success Club



One time


+ one year access to the Wonder Mom Success Club

On the fence? Ask me...

If you are not 100% sure if this is the right thing for you or that we are a good fit, then let's hop on a call and have a chat. Click here to book a call.
Or send a question via the contact form here.

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