Is it possible to go from being a time starved frazzled mom to cool, calm and collected in 5 minutes a day without giving up more sleep or selling the kids?


Are you ready to be over the moon, jumping up and down excited?

Are you? Because I already am, and I don’t want to look silly over here all excited on my own.

What I want to share with you has taken me YEARS to master, and then you can add on the few it’s taken to muster up the courage to actually share!

It is a fab and easy take on creating more hours in a day in a way that will bring you faster, better, shinier results. Pinkie promise.

See the thing is, when most people when they talk about creating more hours in a day, they don’t go into nearly enough detail - they barely scratch the surface and then guess what? No results, or none you’d want at any rate.

Good thing is…they leave out all the exciting possibilities for people like us (smarter, better, faster, but NOT modest)

I have packaged all this goodness in a wee challenge that you can access for free... yes that’s right!

Want your your hands on the Time Benders Secrets Challenge?

It’s true that no one in their right mind would share this for free, but my lack of right mindedness is your win so...start gathering!

  • The essential habits that all small biz moms should know and live by so that you can create more time in your day
  • How to create more time to run your business around your family using adapted productivity methods from the world's biggest manufacturing industries so that you can literally create more hours in the day
  • Why you need to add these 5 minute time saving rituals to your busy mom routine so that you will have more time for the family and for YOU

Who Am I?

I'm Jo, your Time Bending Sensei!

I'm a big productivity nerd, lover of efficiency and hater of faffing around and unnecessary fluff!

When I'm in work mode I want to squeeze every drop out of the time I have so that I don't have to cut into my own time and family time to deal with work stuff.

I've helped hundreds of business moms over the years to carve out more time and create more calm in their day and I want to share those secrets with you.

Because we all want more time to put our feet up and relax right?

What Happens When You Become A Time Bender...

Trust me when I say this, not knowing these time saving systems not only makes you more disorganized but also risks pushing your stress levels through the roof and you being the smart person that you are, DO NOT want that to happen.

We kick off Monday November 16th.
Your investment?
5 minutes of your day!

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