How to delegate to your family without resorting to chore charts and bribery

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Wonder Moms is meant for someone who has a deep yearning to live life on their own terms, to say to hell with being ‘just a mom’.

She knows she is destined for more, more free time, more quality time with the family, more fun time and more time to work on her own thing.

Jo Ebisujima

Wonder Mom Game Plan

Focusing on each area of your mom-life so that you can ditch the idea of balance, and instead embrace flow, create more time in your day and have happy, helping kids! By accessing the Wonder Mom Game Plan you will be saving 500 hours of figuring this out by yourself.

Expert Masterclasses

Exclusive experts are sourced depending on the needs and the requests of the Wonder Mom members. Each month you get a new exclusive masterclass and an action pack workbook breaking the getting started steps into easy, doable steps, ensuring that you can implement, no matter how busy you are.

Wonder Mom Tool Kit

Quick hacks and problem solving solutions to create pockets of time in your day and tackle nagging issues in a new way.
This is where my years of productivity research, training, practice and execution are expertly packaged into implementably, bite-sized chunks. 

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