For biz moms who won't allow the tech or anything else get in their way of success even if you are a complete technophobe or gold medal level procrastinator.


Hey there, I see you.
Small business mom, doing all of the things, wearing all of the hats.
Getting bogged down and flustered with all the tech and stuff you need to learn and apply.

Finding yourself stuck or moving forward at a snails pace because you are not clear on where to focus your limited time. And your friends and family just don't 'get it', don't get you, so you feel like you are taking this on all alone.

You want to be one of those 'success stories' not just with revenue but with a life you love, working just enough and having downtime and family time where you can really enjoy yourself too.

It's time to join a community of women to help you achieve all that.

The Spark Mastermind

Clear, Defined Path

Get super clear on what you want the apply the kaizen framework to break it down into doable, bite sized steps. Accountability and goal check-ins built in.

No Fluff

You know what you want, you have done the courses, you've read the books, you are fed up of downloading all the freebies and not finding the magic formula.
You are ready to ditch procrastination and make things happen.
With support and help when you need it, you will get there.

Close Knit Community

Community is key for a mastermind , a group with ideas and encouragement and contacts is vital. A willingness to give as well as take, to share ideas, bounce around new concepts, get feedback and be surrounded by people with "get it". Masterminds are where those solid business friendships are born.

What Does Spark Look Like For You?

As an accountability mentor who has worked with hundreds of entrepreneur moms over the years, I know one of todays big problems is having too much stuff! It's overwhelming, causes procrastination and bad decision making.

For that reason The Spark Mastermind is stripped right back. You will only get what you really need. No pointless bonuses to pad out the sales page, no added extras that will distract you from your goal, no waffling videos or pages of printables. Absolutely no fluff.

You get what you need to get traction and moving forward.

    • 1 x a monthly 1:1 Call so that we can dig deep and get planned out what you need to do and what actions you need to take.
    • 2 x a monthly group calls so that you can brainstorm with the hive mind, come up with creative solutions and birth new ideas
    • 3 x a month implementation sessions so that excuses get put aside and the work gets done
    • 4 x Quarterly planning sessions so that you stay on track and focused
    • 5 x Days A Week Accountability check-ins to keep you moving forward, one baby step at a time

    Limited Spaces For 20 Amazing Women

    Spark Mastermind is a hybrid between 1:1 coaching and a membership site

    Each month you get a 1:1 session so we can focus on YOU and dig in deep with whatever is keeping you stuck or use it as a time to brainstorm new ideas and plan out a new income stream.

    Twice a month we have group calls, which will include hotseats - where a member can get group feedback live. The hive mind is a wonderful thing and having women coming from different backgrounds and industries can ignite new and exciting ideas.

    Three time a month we will have work-a-long implementation sessions so that you get your head down and do the work that needs to be done, often easier when you are doing it together.

    Each quarter we will have a a goal planning session based on the 12 week year system and using the kaizen break down method to make sure that your goals are attainable and achievable. Refocusing every 12 weeks enables you to make smart decisions for your business and react and change when necessary.

    Daily accountability, it's really hard not to do something when you know someone is going to be following up with you, checking in and making sure you have done what you planned to do. This coupled with the tiny baby steps planning means that you get stuff done fast, building momentum on a daily basis.

    Worried About The Tech?

    Got you covered!
    Included with your Spark Mastermind Membership is a 12 month full access pass to The Wonder Mom Success Club membership vault worth $444 where you will find:

    • Tech tutorials on everything you need to run your online business
    • Masterclass interviews from experts in their field
    • Hacks to help you save time and money

    Dip in and out as you need it, no need to spend hours googling for the right information.

    Spaces Are Limited - Reserve Your Seat Now

    Spark Mastermind Starts December 1st 2019


    Who Is Facilitating The Spark Mastermind?

    That'll be me.

    I'm Jo Ebisujima, a multi-passionate entrepreneur who loves nothing more than helping fellow business owners breakdown and smash their goals. I'm an out-of-the-box thinker, creative solution provider and a homeschool Montessori mom. Imagine MacGyver and Martha Stewart had a love child, that's me!

    I've been working online since 2005 where I started out selling ebooks, over the years I've had a best selling Montessori book, been featured on sites such as Huffington Post, Japan Times and Apartment Therapy, created and sold everything from sewing patterns and fabric to educational materials and full online courses and memberships.

    As a self proclaimed geek-girl I loves nothing more that digging into new tech and finding the best, solutions for you.

    I'm also a passionate traveller and explorer and believe that building a sustainable business around your family is an amazing feat and wants to be there cheering you on, every step of the way.

    Words of love from previous members of mastermind that I've run...

    *The name of the previous mastermind was In With A Boom
    SPARK is the all new shiny version!

    It's Time To Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever
    Are You In?